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@ABC7: Walmart warning: CEO says retailer will close its stores if rampant theft doesn't stop. How SoCal is cracking down. Now on ABC7 https://t.co/sUOc4co7Dc
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@drrondahampton 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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@ceceswoods: PLAYBACK - yesterday’s show with @HesherMedia & I w/ Chief (ret.) @LASDJordan talking #elections2022 @LACoSheriff video asking deputies for donations, what CA ballots look like & more! https://t.co/VTlFEwynKc https://t.co/1dEqrSNEt6 https://t.co/pFNX6p7jbo
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@ceceswoods: @HesherMedia aka #zztopoftalkradio & I are LIVE on @tntradiolive at the top of the hour. Still unpacking the dirty details of the #LACityCouncil audio leaks, their affects on other NOV 8 races, @AOC hecklers video that went viral and more! 10 AM PT/1 PM ET https://t.co/NSwUn5bEpJ https://t.co/f1NXkPFnLW
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@LASDJordan: What’s to investigate? Tammany Hall West, aka #LosAngeles has nothing to hide! This is Old Political Elites vs. the Newbies. #LACity #LATimes #LADailyNews #LASD #LAPD https://t.co/DFdZO0ZOEv
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A Day at the Beach Means Everyone’s Safe  for the Do Good Bus
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A Day at the Beach Means Everyone’s Safe for the Do Good Bus

Volunteers at the Do Good Bus, an organization that strives to make significant and impactful experiences by doing good deeds reached out to the Lost Hills Station when they noticed the emergency landing helispot at Zuma Beach was in dire need of a spruce up. So they gathered a group of motivated volunteers and headed Lifeguard Headquarters to bring the life back to this vitally important area for public safety.

A vibrant blue paint was used to ensure first responders who use the landing pad who see it from a distance. The Helispot is a vitally important to the area as it is used to transport critical patients and render aid.

“Thank you to Merlin and his team from the Do Good Bus. They noticed how sad the helipad looked in the Zuma Beach parking lot and reached out to our station. The volunteers from the Do Good Bus spent the day repainting the helipad, and it looks amazing.” said Captain Chuck Becerra.

April 6, 2021

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