90265 Magazine: How has the pandemic changed the market? 

GS: The pandemic had a fast and profound effect on the Malibu market. At first, it was the rental market that was hot and people just wanted to come here to this percieved safe haven. Then, the sales market heated up as the pandemic was realized not to be a 2 or 3 week event. People wanted to buy and it didn’t seem to matter what it was and what the price was. This trend even continues to some extent today. 

90265 Magazine: Where do you see the Malibu real estate market is headed? 

GS: Based on current inventory, I would suspect prices to continue to rise perhaps not at the pace they have. I do think it will take a good couple of years to level out. At that time, we will just have to see how the trend is looking.


*Featured photo by Alison Y Huang