A Birthday Wish for Mitrice Richardson
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A Birthday Wish for Mitrice Richardson

On September 17th, 2009 Mitrice Richardson disappeared into the darkness after being released from the Lost Hills Station shortly after midnight with no cell phone, no money and no transportion to safety. Ten months later on August 9th, 2010, her partially mummified remains were found just 1.5 miles from the last place she was seen alive.

To this day, what would have been Mitrice’s 39th birthday, and almost 15 years after her disappearance, the person or persons responsible for her death have not been brought to justice.

The people closest to Mitrice, who continue to look for the answers as to why this case has not been solved, express their fondest wishes and hopes for Mitrice and a final resolution to her case:

Dear Mitrice:

          My heart is still broken while perpetrators who plotted and planned your murder manufactured a web of lies, deceit, and crafted smear campaigns against those who continue to coverup using their public relations network. 

           I write to you because I cannot help it. Your fingerprints are on my life and the lives of so many others who continue to press on.  Mitrice there will come a day when Justice takes off her blindfold and reveals the names and faces of the guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.     

          Mitrice, I continue to journey up, down, and around with so many others who will not give up  because Justice cannot continue to live on a bed of thorns.  My thoughts and actions pay homage to beautiful you. 

Love and hope always Mitrice Lavon Richardson on your birth day April 30th.

Dr. Gerda Govine 

Dr. Gerda Govine and Dr. Ronda Hampton
Why Should We Care 15 Years Later?
So much as been written about the death of Mitrice and yet there is still no official cause of death.  Murder?
The Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept. Detective Division has failed to pursue leads and why?  Is it because one or more of their own is responsible? The cover up continues!  Time to get to the truth. 
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Detective Division needs the public’s trust that they will pursue leads to resolve murder cases.  The involved Detectives over the past 15 years have chosen to retire or move on!
There is no mystery here! Do your job — open this as a cold case and adopt an action plan! 
Justice for Mitrice NOW!
Shirley Spencer 
Dr. Ronda Hampton, Lisa Santamaria and Shirley Spencer

Every day, thoughts of Mitrice linger in my mind without fail. The sight of a missing Black woman’s post on my social media timeline only intensifies these reflections. I can’t help but wonder how differently her narrative might have unfolded if just one person at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station had shown her a bit of compassion. It shouldn’t have been so difficult to offer kindness to a young woman clearly in distress. I firmly believe that someone out there holds crucial information about her disappearance. The resolution to this mystery feels tantalizingly close. This year, Mitrice should have been turning 39, gearing up for all the experiences and milestones that lie ahead. Instead, I will pay tribute to her by amplifying the stories of families searching for their missing loved ones. A candle will be lit in her memory, a small gesture to honor the impact she has had on my life. Though I never had the chance to meet Mitrice, her existence has profoundly altered my path, guiding me towards a life dedicated to aiding and comforting families in similar situations. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents as we continue the fight for Justice for Mitrice.

Kathy Evans 

Kathy Evans

We will never give up for the cause of Mitrice and no one else should either. The process have been slow but we keep showing up. Police say her case is cold. I say what you allow to happen to Mitrice Richardson is colder so heat it up again.

Michael Richardson 

Michael and Mitrice Richardson

We should all be fortunate enough to meet someone who forever changes our lives in the positive of ways.  From the moment I met Mitrice, I knew that we would be forever connected; however, I would never have imagined that it would be through such a tragedy as her disappearance and death.  The moments I spent with her are precious and I cherish every memory I had with her.  She has taught me much in her life and death and for that I am grateful.  On her birthday I honor not only her memory but the many gifts she has given me. It’s is heartbreaking that her life was lost and her case remains unsolved.   That pain is only eased by the dedication of my fight for justice.  

Dr. Ronda Hampton 

Dr Ronda Hampton and Chip Croft

As long as the her case remains the police investigating the police there will be no justice for Mitrice. Why have none of the Deputies or supervisors who were involved with her when she was arrested and went missing, were not thoroughly investigated nor given a lie detector test? 


Chip Croft

I wish a happy heavenly birthday to Mitrice. Over the many years we’ve been fighting for justice for Mitrice we have seen people do great and terrible things. These experiences have changed our lives and my view of the world. Mitrice’s legacy will live on in the brave acts of those touched by her life and death. A special thank you to Dr. Ronda Hampton and Cece Woods who inspire me to keep it pushing and to never give up the fight.

Lisa Santamaria 

If anyone has any information regarding the disappearance the lead the death of Mitrice Richardson please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Division at (323) 890-5500.

Watch our You Tube series and extensive, on-going coverage of the Mitrice Richardson investigation.


April 30, 2024

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