P-104 Adult Male Mountain Lion Killed on PCH
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P-104 Adult Male Mountain Lion Killed on PCH

P-104, a subadult male mountain lion, was hit and killed by a vehicle going northbound on the 33100 block of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at around 7 a.m. today. He was the most recent mountain lion to be captured as part of a 20-year study that is tracking mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains to determine how they survive in a fragmented and urbanized environment.
Biologists say the young mountain lion, captured and fitted with a GPS radio collar just two weeks ago in the western portion of the Santa Monica Mountains, had crossed PCH several times in the last few days. Although it has occurred before, it is relatively rare that collared mountain lions have crossed PCH.
P-104 is the 25th mountain lion, and 8th collared study cat, to be killed by a vehicle since the mountain lion study began in 2002. He is the first mountain lion that we’ve documented being hit and killed by a car on PCH.
At the time of capture on March 8, he weighed 103 lbs.
Currently, we are tracking 13 mountain lions in the region.
Photo: NPS / Coby Bishop. Image: P-104, a young male mountain lion captured and collared on March 8, 2022, was hit and killed by a vehicle on Pacific Coast Highway in the early morning hours of March 23, 2022.
March 24, 2022

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